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The Basics: Details Cards

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Everything goes on a details card: hotel, directions, shuttles, etc. No need to stress, though, because there is a simple and clean way to outline your information so that it is clear, concise, and makes everyone feel happily overprepared!

So, let’s start with size. Details cards (also called enclosure cards, reception cards, website cards, etc.) are available in 2 different sizes: Small (3.5” x 5”) and Large (4” x 6”). Please use the example invitation designs as a reference for how much information can fit on each card.

It’s all in the Details

Details cards can be used to communicate the following information:


Remember back in the wedding invitation section where we explained that your reception information should be put on a details card? This is the place!

However, this is only necessary if your ceremony and reception are being held at different locations. If they’re at the same location, you can simply add “Reception to Follow” on your invitation and that’s all.

Reception details should include the venue name, full address and start time.


Your details card is the best place to share your website. The URL can be added to the bottom of the card or included as a full section like this:

For additional information, please visit our wedding website: www.carolineandshawn.com


For additional information regarding hotel accommodations, shuttle details and other weekend events, please visit our wedding website: www.carolineandshawn.com

We do not recommend adding your website to your wedding invitation as it is a formal and keepsake item. We also don't recommend adding it to your R.S.V.P. card as guests send that back to you and will no longer have the URL if they need it within the last few weeks prior to your wedding (which is actually when they will need it the most). 

Hotel Accommodations

The most important information when sharing your guest accommodations is the hotel, the best way for guests to book and the deadline to book reservations. Here is an example of how to word these details:

Hotel Accommodations

We have reserved a block of rooms at
Marriott Walnut Creek
2355 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, California 94596
925-934-2000 (optional)
Please reference the Edwards-Bryant Wedding when booking your reservation. Reservations must be made by July 15.

Shuttle Details

If you’re providing a complimentary shuttle for your guests to and from your recommended hotel or between your ceremony and reception, it’s helpful to let them know in advance so they can plan accordingly. I would not recommend providing shuttle times on the details card as they may change closer to your wedding. It’s best to include the shuttle times on a welcome letter when they arrive at the hotel.


It’s traditional etiquette to provide directions in your wedding invitation suite. This comes from back before GPS was a thing and you would print out turn-by-turn directions before you got into your car. Remember those good ol’ days?

We still see directions incorporated these days and it’s especially crucial if your venue is off the beaten path, where the turn-by-turn directions would be more useful for your guests.

My main recommendation when providing turn-by-turn directions is to keep it as simple and easy to digest as possible. Remember when I mentioned above to use the example details cards as a reference for how much information can fit on a card? Well, too many directions can make the card jam packed. If we have to shrink down the text to accommodate everything, it could also make it difficult for guests to read, especially elderly and especially if it’s dark out when they’re driving (think more when they’re leaving the venue rather than arriving).

Adding directions is completely optional.


Gifts should not be included anywhere in your invitation suite. This holds true with both traditional and modern etiquette experts as one of the biggest faux-pas. The best way to bridge the gap and passively mention your registry is on your website, which should also be on a details card (more on that in a minute).

Thank goodness we have websites these days! Before websites were around, it was up to the bridal party to inform guests when they ask about the couples registry information.

Well, why do we include gifts on shower invitations then? Because showers are hosted as a group effort to help the couple get started with the next chapter in their lives by giving them gifts.

Rehearsal Dinner or Other Events

Remember how I mentioned in the RSVP card section that you can have people RSVP to other events? Well, any other events need to be outlined on a details card. The details should include the event (i.e. Rehearsal Dinner), location, address, start time and anything else they need to know in advance (i.e. Attire).

Details, Details, Details

Do you think I’ve said that enough yet?

As you can see, all of the information necessary to prepare your guests for your wedding day should go on a details card. Depending on how much information you have, most of the details can fit on a single-sided small or large card. Every now and then, we’ll include 2 details cards for specific information (one for the reception and one for everything else) or do a double-sided card to make sure it’s not too crowded and easily digestible. And remember, if you have to ask where something belongs, it almost always goes on a details card!

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments below!