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Why There is NOT a New Design Releasing Today

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If you’ve come across my work over the past year, you’ll know that I release a new design every single Friday… until today. This has been a long time coming and it feels so weird to publish this announcement.

Let’s go back in time before I started this journey. My business wasn’t getting off the ground like I had imagined and I knew I had a few flaws that were really holding me back: my design skills were beginner and I only had about 10 designs to choose from. I knew the best way to tackle these challenges was to release new designs as quickly as possible so I started releasing every week.

Fast forward to today, which would have been my 80th design (don’t worry, it will be here next week!) and man have things changed!

First, my design skills have developed a lot. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of learning that I plan to do but it’s crazy to see how much growth has occurred over the last year! See picture below of design #7, the Monstera Leaf Wedding Invitation.

Secondly, my business has completely taken off more than I ever could have imagined. Not only does it financially support myself and my family but I get to work with amazing clients all day long and guide them through their wedding stationery journey. It’s a very rewarding job and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

But don’t worry, the new designs are not going anywhere! They’re just slowing down a bit to every other Friday.

2 big reasons come into play when making this decision:

1 | I want to spend more time creating higher quality designs. Though there are endless possibilities to creating new designs, I want to focus on only releasing the best of my best for your special day.

2 | There are so many unique ways to use the invitations that are already part of my collection, so I want to show more examples of how a few changes (fonts, colors, envelope liners, etc.) can create a brand new and unique invitation suite.

So moving forward, every other Friday will be a completely new design from scratch. The other Fridays will feature a combination of designs from the current collection, but with a few changes to make one completely new invitation.

Cheers to growth and embracing change!