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How to Add Your Wedding Website to Your Invitation Suite

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Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, tech-filled weddings is no new fete for me! Gabe and I are also having a destination wedding and with the amount of information we want to provide our guests in advance, you could easily write a novel (I’m being a little dramatic over here…)

My point is that wedding websites are a big thing right now but there’s also a proper way to include them on your invitation suite. This is where this post will come in handy!

Where to add your website?

Your details card is the best place to share your website. We do not recommend adding your website to your wedding invitation as it is a formal and keepsake item. We also don't recommend adding it to your R.S.V.P. card as guests send that back to you and will no longer have the URL.

Your website can be on it’s own card, like this example:


Or you can add it to the bottom of another details card, like this example:


I hope this article was helpful when preparing your wedding invitation suite. For other tips, make sure to check out our Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide. Feel free to also leave a comment with questions or contact me and we can chat!