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Wax Seals

Tips & TricksJenn Jurf

As our world is diving more into the advancements in technology (hello VR and driverless cars!), I love that the stationery industry is going further and further into the past. We’re suddenly seeing an emergence of handmade techniques like letterpress, calligraphy, vellum (replacing tissue paper) and our current favorite, wax seals.

Does anyone else think about Harry Potter getting his first Hogwarts letter when you think of wax seals?

This post will talk about the different types of wax seals we offer, how to incorporate them into your invitation suite and things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not wax seals are best for you.

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Types of Wax Seals


Self-adhesive wax seals make the process so easy for you! The wax seals arrive completely made with an adhesive sticker on the back so you can simply peel off the sticker and add them to your envelopes or invitations while you assemble them. No special tools are required. I was blown away by how sticky these seals were when I first tried them out and would definitely recommend them to anyone.


Handmade wax seals require a few tools and skills to get just right. The handmade process requires a wax stamp with your design on it and wax sticks. The wax sticks are then melted down, poured on your invitation or envelope then the wax stamp is placed on top to make an impression. Unless you are very crafty, I recommend having us assemble your invitations for you, which would include creating the handmade wax seals.

Ways to Incorporate Wax Seals

Vellum Jackets

Vellum jackets are very popular right now with wedding invitations and with good reason! They’re great to keep your invitation suite together and give a clean and classic look to the invitation design. Wax seals are one of the few accessories that you can use to keep the vellum jacket closed.

Invitation Design

Wax seals can also be incorporated into your invitation design to add more depth to the design.


Good ol’ Harry Potter style wax seals, used to seal the outside of the envelope.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind, wax seals will increase your cost of postage to mail your invitation suite. The thickness of the wax seal creates a “ridged edge” in the envelope and is too thick to fit through the scanning machines at the post office. Therefore, each envelope must be hand cancelled, which typically costs an additional $.21 per envelope. These postage costs may change and vary by location so please check your post office before mailing.