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Mauve Floral Wedding Invitation

New DesignsJenn Jurf

This design was a few weeks in the making and I’m so excited to share it with you all today!

Let’s start with the script. I recently added this script to the collection after the Classic Floral Wedding Invitation released a few weeks ago. I wanted to showcase the elegance of the script with this design, using it for their names and venue location on the invitation. Because of the elegance of the script, I went with a more traditional wording layout.

I also became obsessed with how the “A” looks on its own so decided to add a monogram to the top of the invitation design, surrounding it by an elegant, yet simple wreath. I imagined it mimicking these simple greenery wreaths that I see floating around the industry trends.

Next came the envelope liner. I wanted to tie in the same simple floral drawings but I didn’t want to keep the design all black and white. So I decided to add a colored background and keep the drawing white so it would contrast. The colored background also allows flexibility if clients would like to change the color to match their wedding.

And that’s when it hit me… This design needed a wax seal! I felt strongly about adding a vellum jacket, wax seal and the whole nine yards to this design. Even if clients don’t use it for this design specifically, I still like to showcase the possibilities and knew this was the perfect opportunity to do so. So, that’s where the delay came in. Custom designing a wax seal and allowing time for it to arrive took an extra 2 weeks.

Once the wax seal arrived, I could color-match the envelope liner, polish off the design and share it with you all!