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Gold and Silver on Your Wedding Invitations at Three Different Prices

Tips & TricksJenn Jurf

Gold and silver are wonderful colors to accent any wedding! It’s a nice touch to incorporate these colors into your invitation suite to tie everything together.

This post will break down the 3 different ways to add gold and/or silver to your invitation suite at 3 different price points - Digital Printing ($), Letterpress ($$), and Foil Stamping ($$$).

Digital Printing ($)

The beauty of digital printing is that you can print almost any color, including watercolor drawings, at the push of a button. Digital printing is the most cost effective print method for this reason. This method makes it easy to change colors of the text to gold or silver and print without any change in the pricing.

Please note: silver is a very light color and therefore, we only recommend silver ink as an accent color for borders, lines, etc. rather than your main text (i.e. your names or other important information).

Classic Gold and Navy Wedding Invitation

Classic Gold and Navy Wedding Invitation

Letterpress ($$)

Unlike digital printing, letterpress is a very hands on and handmade process. Once your designs are completed during our digital PDF proofing process, your information is converted into a plastic or steel backed plate that will be used on our hand-fed presses. The press can only carry 1 ink at a time, meaning that each color will require its own plate, setup time and hand-fed time on to the press. Because of this, your letterpress pricing will fluctuate based on the number of colors in your design.

We use a metallic gold or silver ink when pressing these colors. The letterpress impression leaves a slight shadow and impression that you can feel, therefore, you’re welcome to include your main information in gold or silver without the risk of losing legibility.

Elegant Burgundy Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Elegant Burgundy Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Foil Stamping ($$$)

Ahh the shine we all know and love! Foil stamping is extremely popular as it not only creates an impression like letterpress but it creates a shine on your invitations as well.

Foil stamping is a similar process to letterpress, however, we use real foil that is heat transferred on to each card we press. Due to the high heat, we must use copper plates rather than a plastic or steel material used in letterpress and therefore, the price of foil is at the highest price point.

Elegant Blush Floral Wedding Invitation with Foil Details

Elegant Blush Floral Wedding Invitation with Foil Details

I hope this breakdown is useful in your wedding planning journey! Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need advice on the best method for your invitations.