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Word Your Invitations Like a Total Pro!

Tips & TricksJenn JurfComment

Ahh the day is finally here! Actually, it was here a few weeks ago but I can finally take a moment to draw your attention to the new and improved etiquette guide and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

I’ve been working for months on iterating on the etiquette guide to cover more frequently asked questions about wording your wedding invitations!

My goal for this guide was to provide you the resources to word your invitations like a total pro!

Here’s a rundown of what this guide entails:

  • The anatomy of a wedding invitation suite - laying out all the cards and understanding what cards to include in your personalized invitations

  • The breakdown of the wedding invitation - an overview, line by line about what is mentioned on the wedding invitation itself (and what shouldn’t be included)

  • A more detailed explanation and examples of how to format your names, date, time, etc. on your wedding invitation

  • A break down of the corresponding RSVP cards, details cards and envelopes with wording and layout suggestions

I really hope this guide is helpful! I’m constantly iterating on the guide so if there is something I missed or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me!