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Wedding Invitation Suite
Etiquette Guide

Details Cards


Reception details on a separate card are only recommended if your ceremony and reception are being held at different locations.

If they’re at the same location, you do not need a reception card and can simply add “Reception to Follow” on your invitation.

Reception details should include the venue name, full address and start time.



Your details card is the best place to share your website. We do not recommend adding your website to your wedding invitation as it is a formal and keepsake item. We also don't recommend adding it to your R.S.V.P. card as guests send that back to you and will no longer have the URL.

Your website can be on it’s own details card:


Hotel Accommodations

The most important information when sharing your guest accommodations is the name of hotel, the best way for guests to book, and the deadline to book reservations.

Or at the bottom of another details card:


Directions are especially crucial if your venue is off the beaten path and turn-by-turn directions would be useful for your guests.

When providing turn-by-turn directions, it’s important to keep them as clear and concise as possible. Too much wording will crowd the card and make the directions difficult to read.

Shuttle Details

If you’re providing a complimentary shuttle for your guests, it’s helpful to let them know in advance so they can plan accordingly. We recommend providing shuttle times on your website or on a welcome letter when they arrive at the hotel as times may change.


Gifting should never be included anywhere in your invitation suite. If you are doing a registry, it’s ok to include the registry information on your website however, the mention of gifts or your registry anywhere in your invitation suite is a big faux pas.

Rehearsal Dinner and Other Events

If you’re hosting other events throughout your wedding celebration, your details card is the best place to share the details. These details should include the event, location, address, start time and anything else attendees need to know in advance (i.e. Attire).

Adults Only

If your wedding celebration is an adults only occasion, we recommend following the recommendations for “Managing Guest Counts” and “Envelope Addressing.”

Wedding Invitation Suite
Etiquette Guide