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Details Card Guide

Your details card can have an endless number of uses, from reception details to hotel accommodations and websites.

Details cards, or enclosure cards, are available in 2 different sizes based on the amount of information you have.

Additional Information

Reception Details

If the reception is being held on a different date and/or location than the wedding ceremony, a reception card is recommended to provide all necessary details.


If you are using a wedding website, the URL can be provided on a details card. It is proper etiquette to not include the website on the main invitation or RSVP cards. The website URL can be added to another details card or stand as it’s own card.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel recommendations should be provided on a details card. There should be enough information on the card so your guests can book directly with the hotel. Information should include the hotel(s) name, address, phone number and a person to contact, if necessary. If you have a room block set up, make sure you provide the block code or reference name your guests to reference when making their reservation.


A small map with icons of the various locations will be a nice touch and helps gives guests a sense of the area. The location(s) address should be included on the card in case people get lost. Turn by turn directions will also be helpful.

Shuttle Arrangements

Shuttle information is helpful for your guests to plan their day. If the shuttle is going from the hotel to the venue, then you can provide this information in a welcome letter at the hotel. If everyone must be shuttled to the venue, it’s important to include on the invitation so people can plan accordingly.

Other Events

If you are hosting multiple events and requesting responses in advance, then more information should be provided on a details card. Providing the event, date, time and location will be enough information for your guests to provide an appropriate response.