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Outer Envelopes

Inner Envelopes

Inner and Outer Envelopes

The inner and outer envelope combination is optional. This is more common in formal weddings or weddings where you would like to be crystal clear who is invited.

With this combination, the outer envelope will be more formal and address the household. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thompson and Family.”

The inner envelope will then state every name invited, including children and guests. The inner envelopes are also an appropriate way to use more familiar names. For example, “Aunt Michelle” or “Grandma Pat.”

If no inner envelope is used, children's names can be written out on the outer envelopes on the second line.

For unmarried couples living together, they should be addressed by their full names. For example, “ Mr. Jonathan Doe and Ms. Jane Dodson.” If the space allows, the names should be on the same line however, space permitting, the second name will go on line 2.


All words in the address, such as “Street”, “Apartment” and “California” should be spelled out. There should be no abbreviations.

Wedding Invitation Suite
Etiquette Guide