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Wedding Invitation Guide

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The wedding invitation is the first introduction to the tone of your big day. It communicates important details about your wedding day and is a keepsake item in the future.

The invitation is traditionally broken into 3 pieces:

1. The Host & Invitation Line
The basic foundation of the section is to indicate who is hosting the wedding and make the official offer that you are invited. Traditionally, whoever is hosting the wedding is included on the invitation.

2. The Couple
It is a personal preference to include your first, middle and/or last name. More formal invitations will include the bride's first and middle name and the groom's first, middle and last name.

3. The Details
Specify the date, time and location of the wedding ceremony.

Additional Information

Indicating Attire

If you are requesting a specific attire for the wedding ceremony, it is appropriate to include your requests on your invitation in either the bottom right or left corner of the invitation. Examples include "Black Tie", "Cocktail Attire", "Fiesta Attire", etc.

Note: Attire is optional unless there are specific requirements for your venue.

Registry Information

The one item that should not be included in your invitation suite is the mention of your registry. It holds true with both traditional and modern etiquette guides as one of the biggest faux-pas. The best way to bridge the gap is to include your registry information on your website then mention your website on the details card.

Thank goodness we have websites these days! Before websites were around, it was up to the bridal party to inform guests when they ask about the couples registry information.

How Many Invitations Should I Order?

There is such a thing as ordering too many or too few invitations.

To start, make sure you calculate the number of households you're inviting rather than guests. Couples and families can receive the same invitation with the exception of children over 18 (they should receive their own). 

Once you have that number, add 10% to your order in case any get lost in the mail, you have the opportunity for last minute additions and for keepsake. We can always print more at a later time however, small runs can be more costly.

When Should I Order my Invitations?

I normally recommend ordering 3-4 months before your wedding date. 

I understand schedules may be conflicting or you're excited to get the design started early. If that's the case, we can start with a 25% deposit to begin designing then the final balance will be due when you're ready to print.