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RSVP Cards


1. RSVP Date

Your RSVP date should be 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date. Connect with your vendors on any final number deadlines. It is typically recommended to add at least one full week between the RSVP date and deadlines as a buffer to track down anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d yet.

2. The "M" Line

The M line is used for the recipients to write their names on the RSVP card so when they return it, you know who it came from. The “M” signifies the start of your formal name, for example “Ms. Jane Doe”. It’s common to use either “M” or “Name(s)” to address this line. 

3. Meal Selections

If you choose to have a plated reception, you will need to supply your venue with the number of guests for each entrée option. Request each guest’s preference on the RSVP card.

Meal selections can be written out (i.e. “beef”, “chicken”, “fish” or “vegetarian”) or we can include animal icons in lieu of the wording. It is not recommended to write out the specific entrée details as the details can change and it overcrowds the card.

It’s important for you to request initials so that when the time comes to make place cards, you can include the individual’s meal selection on his/her place card.

A line regarding dietary and/or allergy restrictions can be added to any RSVP card.


1. Managing Guest Count

Managing your guest count starts with addressing your envelopes correctly. Another way to manage guest count is to include the following line on your RSVP card:

“We have reserved ____ seats in your honor”

Before you send out your invitations, you will write in the number of guests (i.e. 2) you intended to include.

You can also include a “Number Attending” line to confirm how many guests have accepted your invitation.

2. Other Weekend Events

If you’re hosting other weekend events, your RSVP card is a great way to have your guests RSVP for those events as well. For example, a rehearsal or welcome dinner and a farewell brunch. 

3. Song Request

A fun addition to RSVP cards is the request for a song to play at the reception. Simply add: “You’ll get me to dance if you play ____” This is a great way to get your guests excited and easily create your playlist.

Wedding Invitation Suite
Etiquette Guide