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R.S.V.P. Card Guide


R.S.V.P. Cards are commonly included in your invitation suite to allow guests the opportunity to reply with their attendance by mailing back a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope to you.

R.S.V.P. Cards can be used to not only collect attendance but find out more information from your guests to help you plan such as meal selections, food allergies, hotel accommodations and attendance for other events.

If you are requesting R.S.V.P.'s on your website, please visit the details card section regarding website etiquette.

Additional Information

Selecting the R.S.V.P. Date

Your RSVP date should be 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding day. I would recommend connecting with your vendors, primarily catering and room block representatives, to see if they have a deadline that they require final numbers by. If they do, then add 1 week to that date and that's your RSVP date. This week will allow a buffer to finalize details and chase down anyone who forgot to RSVP.

Communicating Number of Guests Invited

Your RSVP card is one of two places to clearly communicate how many guests are invited to your wedding. A simple line stating:

"We have reserved ___ seats in your honor" 

is sufficient. You will then fill in the blank space with a corresponding number before mailing out your invitations.

The other location is your envelopes.

Indicating Meal Selections

If you're having a plated reception, your venue may require an estimate of number of plates for each option to properly prepare. Your RSVP card is the best place to have guests indicate their preferred meal selection.

A recommended phrase:
"Please initial an entree selection for each guest:"
with the meal options to follow.

Other Weekend Events

If you are hosting multiple events throughout your wedding celebration, your RSVP card is a great way to have your guests respond all together.

The details of your other events should be included on a separate details card so guests know what they are responding to.

Where Should RSVP Cards be Sent to?

Your RSVP card envelope should be pre-addressed (and stamped) to the trusted person in charge of tracking RSVPs.